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GREAT possibilities with the new SMARTDISH are just a click away !

5 WASH PROGRAMS - 5 programs for different times of wash - no more 1 length cycle ,one program is just not enough- dirtier dishes need more time and on busy days shorter program will help to free those dishes when the customers cant wait anymore :

P1: duration 80" – wash temperature 131°F - rinse temperature 158°F
P2: duration 120” – wash temperature 131°F - rinse temperature 167°F
P3: duration 180” – wash temperature 131°F - rinse temperature 176°F
P4: duration 480” – wash temperature 140°F - rinse temperature 176°F
OPTIONAL: Program for beer glasses (cold rinse) duration 130” to serve after dish.


ECONOMY MODE- Sometimes the dishwasher is not in use for long hours .Dishwasher has heating elements submerged  in  boiler tank and wash tank that keep working all the time even when the dishwasher is idle for long time. Imagine you keep the boiler  on to keep the water on  176F for hours- very expensive

With the economy feature the system will  set timer (30 minute default)that starts counting from the time the dishwasher was last used and when the time ends it will lower the temperature in the boiler and the rinse to any temperature you choose.
 To get out of the ECONOMY mode just push any button on the panel.

total cycles

CYCLE COUNTERS- Control the productivity of your employees to see you get the most of your ATLANTIS DISHMACHINE dishwasher by monitoring daily cycle count that will reset on Midnight (24:00)

The total count is important feature for chemical companies that lease the dishwasher in a bundle deal and want to control the number of cycles the dishwasher performed.this count never resets.

AUTO SHUT OFF-Sometimes your employees work too hard so they forget to turn OFF the dishwasher. This will result in boilers working all night to keep the water on almost boiling point . The outcome is higher electricity bills and shortening the life of the heating units .

NO MORE! You can set a switch-off time for each day. If the switch-off time is after midnight, an asterisk will appear next to the time.

smat shut down

AUTOCLEAN - To shut the machine down at the end of the day, switch off the dishmachine .Open the door and remove the overflow. Now the easy part - turn ON the  AUTOCLEAN function by pressing SMART PLAY (blue) as long as the icon  SMART AUTOCLEAN ICON is displayed.

The AUTOCLEAN function is confirmed by   SMART AUTOCLEAN progress icon.

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