Dishwasher cycle has two stages – initial wash stage with detergent of around a minute and a final  rinse stage of around 15 seconds  that used to clean the soap from the wash stage.

High temperature and low temperature refer to the temperature of the water in the second stage – the rinse stage.

Benefits of high temperature rinse are higher hygiene and more efficient use of detergents but the down side is the heating cost on the electricity bill. In low temp, to compensate on the lack of high temperature , we use in addition a 3rd chemical for sanitizing – chlorine , that is additional chemical cost , to kill germs that otherwise would be killed by the high temperature water .

So in high temperature we have a booster heater that heats the water to 180F.

LOW TEMP systems are only allowed in North America. European and Asian countries do not allow low temp machines.


low vs high temp

min. 180 F

min 120 F


COLD RINSE + chlorine



IMPORTANT !!!- ALL our dishmachines carry the smart control panel that switchto low temperature  “standby mode” by smart controlling the heating elements when dishwashers not in use for 30 minutes so even if you take the HIGH TEMP machine, your electricity bill will be significantly reduced than with just usual booster that our competitors carry for their dishwashers.- READ MORE

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